by STrunkett
I don’t sell race horses
I create them

I provide B2B sales leaders the tools, strategy, and skills
to help sales teams win in a competitive field.


increase profit margin

I help technology manufacturers
grow sales. Profitably

Let me help you to increase margins
while increasing revenues at the same time.
Ask Me to Show You How

Leverage your competitive advantages
by engaging your workforce

Fully engaged employees create greater
customer value. Are your employees engaged?


Companies that systematically seek feedback from their employees and invest in their engagement develop a significant competitive advantage against their competitors. Yet we have found that less than 5% of companies make employee engagement a part of their business development strategy.

Get engaged

sales process design

B2B sales is tough enough when you don’t have good processes. Lengthy selling cycles, stagnant pipelines, poor growth and reduced profit margins are only some of the consequences of poor selling process.

I can show you how to systematize complex selling processes, and navigate your prospects’ and clients’ buying processes.

Improve selling processes


Not all your challenges are urgent. Some are real problems that must be solved immediately. Others may be opportunities that will wait.

I’ve dealt with hundreds of marketing and sales challenges across dozens of  businesses and markets.  I can help you to identify, analyze, rank prioritize, and develop solutions for your specific organizational challenges and opportunities.

Diagnose your business


I have personally helped to transform several sales organizations from their “self-commoditizing” fearful cost-plus based selling position to the more courageous and leveraged position of selling customer value.
Allow me to teach your team to be able to systematically quantify the value that you create for your customers, and to communicate that value in a way that your customers will be much more willing to pay a premium for your solutions.

Capture your fair value…

Scott Trunkett Sales Strategy Consultant Sales RaceHorses

I know B2B sales, and I know how to help you to jockey for lead position against tough competitors. I can help you to maneuver through the complex field of B2B buyer networks to secure new accounts at premium prices. You can count on Sales RaceHorses to help you win the race to profitable growth.

Jockey for front position…

Your core business defines your success.
Let me help you to Protect, Grow, Expand, and Extend your core.

I will help you to implement techniques and procedures to protect your core business against competitive threats and customer defection.

Your core products and your core customers represent the foundation of your business. Before you  can build a powerful growth machine, you must fortify your foundation.

Protect core customers…


If your business is already strong, and your foundation is secure, then let me help you to systematically identify and secure more business with your existing customers.

I’ll show you how winning sales organizations put systems in place to proactively secure increased share of customer.

Grow market share…


You have many satisfied customers in the markets you currently serve. Your core capabilities are relevant and valued by markets that you may not have imagined.

I have executed successful new market penetration strategies throughout my career. Let me help you to research, identify, and penetrate new markets that value your unique capabilities.

Penetrate new markets…


Your core competency is not defined by your products or your services alone. Your culture, intellectual assets, and your corporate DNA are what really differentiates you.

Let me help you to leverage your unique assets to redefine the future in this rapidly evolving economy. By diversifying your business while honoring your core competencies, you can become a leader in new markets.

Diversify your business…

What Makes Sales RaceHorses Different?

Sales RaceHorses is not a large consulting conglomerate that charges a lot of money to create powerpoint decks. We are – for now – a one man show. It’s just me: Scott Trunkett. “Sales RaceHorses” is an important sales concept that I embraced very early in my career, and it has driven immense sales and sales leadership success ever since.

I am a value-centric sales leader who focuses on the self-perpetuating cycle I call the Value Communication Cycle. I help sales leaders to change their sales team culture from one of  “self-commoditized” price competition to one of value creation, communication, and capture.

Value centric sales teams with the right tools and messaging consistently secure more deals at higher gross margins than their competitors.

Without the need for you to hire a full-time high powered sales executive at $350K or more per year, I can help you with the following sales, marketing, and business development leadership activities that are so critical to your business growth:

  • Define the value you create for your customers
  • Give your sales team the tools to quantify and communicate that value
  • Show you why traditional price-sensitivity curves don’t apply to your business
  • Provide the tools and techniques to penetrate new markets
  • Help you to secure key accounts against defection and competitive poaching
  • And, much, much more…

Frequently asked Questions

My foundation of engineering expertise combined with experience across multiple industries enables me to learn the critical aspects of your industry and technology quickly.

Some of the markets I have served throughout my career include Energy and Power Generation, Aerospace & Defense, Turbomachinery and other Rotating Equipment, Wear Resistance Technologies, Heat Exchangers, and Consumer Goods.

I have extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of manufacturing process industries including Machining, Casting, Tube Forming and Welding, Induction Brazing, Welding, and others.

My core strength is that I extensive experience in B2B sales, and I’m a pretty dang good Engineer, too.

I am an engineer.  So the foundation of my entire approach is one of creating pragmatic solutions to relevant problems.  The majority of the solutions that we will develop for your business will be based on a company specific diagnostic.

While some of our solutions can be successfully implemented without first performing an in-depth diagnostic, I generally recommend that a Sales Effectiveness Diagnostic be performed with you and your team prior to implementation of any solutions.  The Sales Effectiveness Diagnostic is a relatively low cost method for you to understand your team’s relative strengths and weaknesses, as well as their knowledge of market opportunities and threats.  This will enable you to prioritize your solution investment options.

I recommend first that my client engages in a Sales Effectiveness Diagnostic.  Depending upon the size of your organization, the locations of your sales team(s), and the scope of your needs, this diagnostic could take anywhere from one to several days.

Upon completion of the SED, I will work with you to prioritize your opportunities and develop a plan to effect positive change.  The scope and timing of this plan will depend upon your needs, expectations, timeframe, and budget.

My deep experience in multiple B2B industries and collaborative diagnostics enable me to customize a market penetration strategy that will grow your business.

My experienced outside perspective allows me to recognize under-optimized processes and to identify opportunities for greater selling effectiveness. By first performing an in-depth diagnostic, we will be able to prioritize and focus on the problems/solutions with  the highest return:investment ratio.


I have been formally trained in group facilitation, and am able to bring out ideas and solutions from even the most introverted of your valued team members. You get a consensus strategy promoted by a fully engaged and cohesive team.

Profitable Growth

My focus on pragmatic methods for achieving profitable growth will enable us to develop a passionate and engaged sales team supporting a cohesive growth strategy. This will drive up your sales volume while at the same time enabling you to increase pricing.

I’ve helped medium and large sized companies across multiple industries to achieve revolutionary sales transformation. Get your company back in the race with Sales RaceHorses support.

Scott is an incredibly dynamic and motivated individual. His leadership at Kennametal helped to establish what has become this company’s fastest growing business unit!

— Dale Mitchell, Procurement Director – Kennametal Conforma Clad

Scott is one of the most talented leaders I’ve encountered in my 30+ years as an engineer and international business executive.

Without any prior industry experience, Scott successfully penetrated the Aerospace & Defense markets developing relationships with Presidents, CEOs and senior leadership for some of the world’s largest A&D contractors, including Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Raytheon and GE Aviation. The contracts followed and our market & sales expanded fivefold as Scott positioned our company among a select few on the globe.

I am genuinely humbled by his work ethic and his uncommon balance of engineering rigor, strategic I.Q. and street smart commercial savvy.

–Jim McGeeney, Managing Director – FS Precision Tech

Scott and I supported the engagement for a $1B+ consumer packaged goods client, where he worked closely with the Accenture partner, client executive sponsor, and strategy consulting team members. Scott demonstrated solid business intuition, is very bright, and has a great sense of humor. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again any day.

–Jesse Jacoby, Sr. Manager – Accenture

Over the past three years, I have had the benefit and privilege of working alongside Scott in helping drive revenue and growth for the company. Scott is an exceptionally talented sales leader who always strives to create value for the company as well as working with accounts at all levels to create opportunity. Scott’s attention to detail and ability to comprehend highly technical data has been critical in helping the company grow in highly competitive markets.

In addition to his sales skills, Scott is an outstanding motivator and coach to everyone on the sales team he works with and his advice has benefited many, including myself.

–Stephen Dienes, Sales Director – RathGibson

In addition to live enterprise sales effectiveness activities, we continually undergo ongoing thought leadership activities with key industry partners.

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