by STrunkett
With decades of real-life executive sales leadership in highly technical industries, Scott Trunkett and Sales RaceHorses bring enlightening new insights to complex sales and marketing challenges.
If you can’t justify another fulltime senior executive leadership hire… and If you are ready to do things differently than your competitors … if you are ready to put your business on a new path towards revolutionary profitable revenue and market share growth – then let me help you to get there.

Scott Trunkett founded Sales RaceHorses in 2005 after recognizing that small and medium size industrial manufacturing companies could benefit significantly from his innovative solutions to growing profitable sales.

With extensive education and experience in highly technical fields, Scott and his team will help your team to differentiate yourselves in order to command premium prices while generating increased demand.

At Sales RaceHorses, I have established our fundamental approach to growing profitable business as fairness.

B2B sales teams can grow their revenues profitably when they focus on creating value-driven solutions where all parties win. When the customer wins, and when your sales people are able to quantify the value of that win, then your organization can capture your fair share of the economic value of that win.


My clients count on me to help them establish a B2B sales growth strategy, and to develop and implement a variety of tactical tools and techniques to execute and deliver results.

These tactics enable our clients to secure their core business, which is the foundation for future growth.

We then assist in implementing a variety of techniques to grow the core, expand the core, and diversify the business; all with a focus on increased market pricing and higher profit margins.

Advisory Services

I know B2B strategy and businesses development.  You know your business better than anybody.  With your support, I investigate the nuances of your business to perform a high-level diagnostic of your situation and challenges.  With this diagnosis in hand, I work with your team to develop and prioritize a strategic solution approach.  Finally, a tactical plan for results delivery is established and executed.

We would also be happy to take on implementation leadership and execution, if so desired.

How I Can Help

The valuable services I can provide span the gamut, from sales strategy, interim contract leadership, process design and optimization, sales force effectiveness, new business opportunity management systems and processes, and CRM system implementation. I can also work in the areas of sales process workflow and change management, all with the singular focus to help you to maximize your profit margins while growing market share and revenues.

I inject into your business the best practices in B2B marketing, sales, strategy, business development, and salesforce effectiveness to effect revolutionary cultural transformation, sales growth, and profit growth.

I help my clients find ways to create actionable insights to drive their organization’s strategy, operations, and systems.


I combine deep understanding of disruptive forces with industry experience to generate new ideas and products, new business models, and new relationships.

Sales Growth

We help sales & marketing executives drive new markets and business performance while improving operational effectiveness and efficiency in the organization.


Clients count on us every day to help transform uncertainty into possibility.