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Sales Process Design Optimization

I understand that your selling cycles can be lengthy. Sometimes painfully so. It isn’t uncommon for a new program to take many months – and sometimes years – to convert.¬†Are you confident that your selling processes are able to provide the consistent impetus required to keep your pipeline moving? Or do you feel that your pipeline is stagnating?
If your opportunity pipeline isn’t consistently generating new program contracts – AND continually purging the stagnant opportunities – then I can definitely help.
sales process design

What Really is B2B Selling About?

Bloggers and “experts” abound, telling us that “sales is much different than it used to be” and that “it’s all about social selling.” Perhaps there may be some truth to that in the consumer products market.

In B2B selling, though, not much has really changed in 100 years.

At the core, successful B2B sales is still about helping your clients to make more money, faster, with less waste. If your sales team can consistently do THAT better than the market’s alternatives, then your business will thrive.

Sure, technologies and tools today are becoming ever more sophisticated … and complicated.

So let’s not pave the goat path.

Allow me to help you to document, refine, and optimize your selling processes. We can then intentionally automate certain appropriate activities, while providing sales reps with more time to focus on configuring, communicating, and creating valuable solutions for your prospects and customers.

Mirror Your Customers’ Buying Processes

High pressure sales never really worked in B2B sales. Reps who are “always closing” are a thing of the past. Mostly because business leaders finally recognized the self-serving and impersonal madness of it all.

Most prospects today are, in fact, “too busy to talk to a salesman.” Prospects will, however, welcome a rep who can assist in problem diagnostics and solution development.

In order to successfully develop solutions and create value for your clients, you must be flexible to their buying process and buying cycle. While a sales process never “waits around” for its prospects or clients to be “ready to buy,” the best process is patient but persistent… systematic and persevering.

Scott Trunkett

It’s time that you take control of your opportunity pipeline, and drive greater profitable revenue growth. I can help you to develop efficient and effective selling processes that are better aligned with your customers’ buying processes and long buying cycles.

Scott Trunkett is an energizing leader who conceives, designs, and drives strategic B2B marketing, sales, and business development to deliver revolutionary profitable revenue growth.His talents have driven substantial growth in a variety of industries, including Power Generation, Aerospace, Defense, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas and other technically advanced B2B markets.Scott is highly skilled in a variety of mission critical business requirements including digital and conventional marketing, strategic planning, sales organization design, employee engagement, and customer relationship management (CRM) design and implementation.Scott received his formal education in Physics and Mechanical Engineering from the top tier engineering school Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and received his Certified Sales Executive (CSE) designation from Sales and Marketing Executives, International.