by STrunkett


To create and facilitate the execution of practical initiatives and procedures to help sales leaders and their teams to increase profitable sales revenues.


To be recognized as the thought leader in sales strategy and sales growth execution for middle market B2B manufacturing clients.


Our guiding principles are what make us tick. They are what drive our decision making every day. These fundamental boundaries ensure that we do the right thing without unnecessarily constraining the creativity and the value that we create for our clients.


Transparency & Candor

Business is tough. Our clients need us because we see things about their business that they may not see. Our experience-based wisdom can solve challenges, but only when those challenges are faced head-on.

Diagnosing your business may expose uncomfortable truths that must be acknowledged in order to start on the path of achieving consistent revolutionary growth. We will always respectfully tell you the way we see it. Even when the news may be uncomfortable.

Don’t surround yourself with “yes men.” Instead, we will work with you in your goal to overcome obstacles and achieve true long-lasting greatness.


Fairness is the fundamental premise that makes great teams successful.

Whether between employer and employee, supplier and customer, or between partners in a joint venture; business relationships always benefit most when the needs of all stakeholders are considered.

One of the unique aspects of SalesRaceHorses is that we seek to achieve a TRIPLE-WIN scenario for the solutions we develop. Scenarios where all parties feel like they are being treated fairly invariably represent self-fueling and self-correcting systems.

While structuring deals such that all parties win may require extra effort up front, we know that such systems ultimately avert many unforeseen problems.

fairness in business


All too frequently in business, accountability and candor suffer the same fate. Under pressure, one might promise another something that “she wants to hear” in order to placate; only to later fail to deliver.

Business is tough, and true professionals are tough enough to accept the tough challenges. At Sales RaceHorses we treat commitments very seriously. When we make one, we KEEP it. Period. If there is a commitment that cannot be kept, then we do not make it.

We understand that nobody likes to hear the word “no.” We believe that truth is more important than hope. It is never good to say “YES,” while DOING “NO.”


When you are doing the right things for the right reasons… When you are honest, candid, fair, and committed to keeping promises; you have then earned the strength to be courageous.

At Sales RaceHorses, we believe that taking risks is a requirement for building revolutionary and sustainable growth. Risks can be scary for some. When we perform a comprehensive diagnostic and generate appropriate plans for change, we know that having the courage of our convictions is what drives ultimate success.

Committing to execution, even in the face of inevitable obstacles, is absolutely critical to creating revolutionary business change.