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Competitor Analysis
competitor analysis

Performing a competitor analysis should be much more than an exercise in understanding why you are losing.

Does your sales team face customer objections during the sales process? Are they trained to handle customer objections? Merely responding to customer objections is NOT the best way to win more deals at premium prices.

Your sales team will win more deals at higher prices if they have access to – and understand how to use – a robust and comprehensive competitive market profile.

My systems and techniques enable your sales team to remove competitors from consideration without bad mouthing or any negative selling.

I can show you how to develop a robust market competitive analysis, and to develop the tools and training that will enable you and your sales team to disqualify your competitors early in the buying cycle.

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Customer Value Dossier
customer value dossier

B2B Procurement Departments are notorious for their revolving door approach for Buyer assignments.

Just when you’ve developed a good relationship with your Buyer, she moves to another position and is replaced by a total stranger. There is limited opportunity to develop buyer loyalty and to leverage your relationships.

Even worse, the incoming buyer usually has something to prove: to purchase your products at a lower price, no matter what it takes! Your long-standing key account is suddenly at great risk, and your years of efforts about ready to be flushed.

Without the benefit of history, your new buyer likely has no understanding of the value that their company receives from you and yours.

Let me show you how to quantify and communicate the value of your products, services, and the many intangibles so that your company will not be commoditized like so many others are everyday.

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Customer Testimonials
customer loyalty

You have many satisfied customers.

But how do you really know which ones they are? Are all of the participants from your customer’s buying network of influencers really advocates of your company? If not, do you have a process in place to 1) identify them, and 2) to improve/modify their perception of you?

When a new prospect asks you for customer references, do you have a list of more than a couple of go to references who you are certain will shout out your praises?

Do you know exactly what they will say?

Let me help you to implement the processes that will enable you to know exactly what all of the influencers within your customer accounts are thinking about you.

With the information we gather, we can develop and implement powerful and proactive marketing campaigns as well as providing compelling responses in support of new prospect reference requests.

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Case Studies & Success Stories
case studies and success stories

Your company produces the highest quality products, and delivers world class services for your current customers. Many of your products may even be custom engineered solutions developed to solve unique industry and market challenges.

Why not let the world know? Prospective new customers are anxious to hear specific details about how a supplier like you may have solved challenging problems that are similar to their own.

There are many ways to toot your own horn, and I have developed the processes to plan for, collect data, configure, and publish compelling case studies and success stories.

Allow me to help you and your team to identify your those custom projects – as well as some of your more common products- that may have broader strategic market appeal. Together, we will generate and publish your case studies and success stories in a fashion that will have greatest impact on your prospective new customer audience.

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Customer Satisfaction Metrics
customer service metrics

Do your customers consider you to be a preferred supplier? Are you getting more than your fair share of their business? Are you certain that your customers include you in every new program RFP?

If the answer to any of these is “No” or “I don’t know,” then you should implement a systematic customer satisfaction measurement, reporting, and communication program.

I can assist you to better understand and define the performance metrics appropriate to improve your business in the areas that are most meaningful to your customers.

We will identify the subjective “perception” metrics – which influence your customers’ everyday purchasing decisions – as well as the more objective metrics that you control in your factory and front line operations.

Let me help you to implement continuous improvement systems that focus on your customers’ perceptions and the meaningful operating processes that influence them.

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Relationship Mirroring
relationship mirroring

Lower performing sales organizations talk alot about being “friends with the Buyer.” In many B2B situations, though, the Buyer himself has very little influence on supplier selection. It is the system integrators, users, and operators of your solutions who often have the most power.

Through the years, I have invested thousands of hours helping clients to build relationships upward and downward throughout their customers’s influence networks.

Let me show you how you can use relationship mirroring as a powerful process for introducing, and developing strong lasting relationships with your customer CEOs all the way across to their Engineering Dept., to Manufacturing, and to system operators.

With a broad and deep relationship structure, your Engineers will identify new sales opportunities oftentimes before your sales team does…and… it will also be like holding a deck of get-out-of-jail-free cards when something goes wrong with one of your products.

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