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Sales Diagnostic

You want to grow sales…or… more likely, your real objective is to grow PROFITS. So…where do you start? With a sales diagnostic specific to your company situation.
There are so many obstacles to success that you cannot overcome them all at once. With my experience helping multiple B2B manufacturing companies across many different industries, I have seen them all.
Capitalize on my sales diagnostic expertise to help guide you through the maze of obstacles; and we will create real practical solutions that will drive your profitable sales growth.

Our Sales Diagnostic Helps You to Focus on the Things that Make You Money

Many B2B manufacturing companies don’t recognize the low hanging fruit available that could enable revolutionary profit growth. Instead, they focus on fractions of a percent in production efficiency while directing their sales team to “go get more.”

sales diagnostic

With our sales diagnostic, we help small to medium sized B2B manufacturing organizations to identify the best opportunities to increase profit quickly, and we assist in developing practical solutions to capture those profits.

Put the Growth Plan into Action

After completion of our sales diagnostic, you will have a clear view of the most important initiatives that require attention to facilitate profitable growth. Whether it is lead generation, your selling process, management of your opportunity pipeline, pricing, or a multitude of other possibilities; our sales diagnostic will point you in the right direction.

Stop waiting. Last year’s lost profits are gone. Call me and we can prevent next year’s profits from also going up in smoke.

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Key Benefits of our Sales Diagnostic Service

Companies who engage our sales diagnostics are able to see the trees in a large forest of problems or opportunities. We have a great deal of experience across multitudes of B2B manufacturing markets, and have worked with small, medium, and large companies alike to help them to prioritize their sales, marketing, and business development initiatives.

We will help you to review and rank prioritize areas of your business such as:

  • Marketing alignment with the Vision and Mission
  • What makes a good customer versus a bad one…or one that has potential
  • In which markets should you focus your growth efforts?
  • What is the buying process of your customers, and does your solutions selling process align with it?
  • How can you price your products, services, solutions optimally for greatest return?
  • Is your market positioning optimized?
  • Are your marketing, sales, customer service, operations departments aligned in a way to maximize return?
  • Many, many more…

What is the sales diagnostic process?

The diagnostic can focus on a single department – such as sales – or it can cross multiple departments. This depends upon the strategic perspective of our client sponsor. Single department diagnostics will focus primarily on tactics of the relevant department’s individual processes.

Cross-department diagnostics start with a more strategic/holistic analysis, enabling a more strategic alignment of initiatives across the various departments.

It’s important to have a brief personal introduction and overview of the program with the key department stakeholders. This helps to establish more transparent and candid conversation during the diagnostic process.

High level critical areas of importance can be identified relatively easily early in the process. It may be discovered early on that the “most important” issues are different, depending upon the different perspectives of the organization.

Based upon preliminary high level interviews, it may be necessary – or beneficial – for the client sponsor to weigh in on his/her desired priorities.

Typically, we perform multiple individual one-on-one situational interviews with the various stakeholders to investigate those areas of ‘pain’ most important to each. Individual stakeholders may be interviewed more than once, depending upon the possible linkages between departments.

We seek out those issues that have commonality – and those which may be unique – across the various departments and/or stakeholders. It is not uncommon for a few issues to fall right in the middle of a normal distribution, where the entire team feels the pain. Likewise, there are also typically some outlier issues. We chart and rank the issues accordingly for presentation to our client sponsor.

After presentation to – and feedback from – the client sponsor, we bring as many of the diagnostic participants as possible together for a summary presentation of the initial findings. We then facilitate a consensus approach to scoring and ranking for impact and complexity.

The sales diagnostic presents to the client sponsor those issues and/or initiative identified by the team in rank priority order. Client sponsor may then determine if and how to proceed, and with which initiatives in which order.

Scott Trunkett

I’ll help you to generate profitable sales growth with a sales diagnostic specific to your business. We will then customize a practical plan to capture sales growth.

Scott Trunkett is an energizing leader who conceives, designs, and drives strategic B2B marketing, sales, and business development to deliver revolutionary profitable revenue growth.His talents have driven substantial growth in a variety of industries, including Power Generation, Aerospace, Defense, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas and other technically advanced B2B markets.Scott is highly skilled in a variety of mission critical business requirements including digital and conventional marketing, strategic planning, sales organization design, employee engagement, and customer relationship management (CRM) design and implementation.Scott received his formal education in Physics and Mechanical Engineering from the top tier engineering school Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and received his Certified Sales Executive (CSE) designation from Sales and Marketing Executives, International.