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Employee Engagement

Companies that systematically seek feedback from their employees and invest in their engagement develop a significant competitive advantage against their competitors. Yet we found that less than 5% of companies make employee engagement a part of their business development strategy.
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Understand your employees

Many companies don’t know what their employees are thinking or how they feel. Employees may gripe with their peers, but rarely feel brave enough to tell leadership the things that might be preventing them from achieving their highest potential.

We help organizations to better understand what motivates their employees.

Create an environment for growth

Once you’ve identified those aspects of the business environment – whether they be communication, culture, compensation, or a myriad other workplace variables – that may be negatively impacting employee performance, we can assist you in facilitating change. You will be amazed at the change in morale and business growth achievable when your employees know that you care.

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Key Benefits of our Employee Engagement Service

Companies who utilize our employee engagement services¬† are able to quantify and rank the multiple different aspects of the environment that most influence their employees’ energy, enthusiasm, passion, and engagement with their work.

Here is a sampling of the many workplace variables that we help you identify, rank, and implement solutions for:

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Trust in senior leadership
  • Organizational communication
  • Career path opportunities
  • Recognition
  • Compensation
  • Peer culture
  • Others

What is the process for improving employee engagement

We start by communicating the purpose of an employee engagement survey in a manner that alleviates suspicion, maximizes trust, and enables employees to answer the survey questions with honesty and candor.

Select the entire organization, or select various departments that you feel might benefit most, and administer the anonymous employee engagement survey.

Upon completion of surveys, collect and analyze the data, then rank them based upon appropriate scoring methods to identify the most critical areas of the business requiring change.

After the data is collected and compiled, we help you to communicate the results of the survey to the employees so that they recognize leadership’s intention and sincerity to make the changes needed to increase employee engagement.

Since the next step will be to have the employees themselves generate solutions to the problems identified in the employee engagement survey, we will assist you in establishing a trusted team of employees who will represent the employees in developing the solutions.

We work with your employee representatives to brainstorm and rank prioritize the solution approaches to the most important variables relevant to employee engagement as identified from the survey results.

We help your employee representatives to develop, define, and implement the selected solutions.

After an appropriate time period following implementation of selected solutions, we re administer the employee engagement survey to measure results and impact of the changes made. We can then re rank the variables, and repeat the process in order to continually drive employee engagement upwards.

Scott Trunkett

I’ll help you to better understand what makes your employees tick, and to create an environment where they are more energized, passionate, and enthusiastic about growing your business.