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3 Reasons You’re Not Selling Enough

3 Reasons You’re Not Selling Enough

  1. Your prospect doesn’t know how much your product is worth. How do they know whether your price is fair, too high, or if it’s a bargain?
  2. Your prospect doesn’t know the cost of their problem. You think
    “Of course they analyzed the specific impact of our smaller piece of their total program business case.”
  3. You believe the old myth that relationships help to make the sale. The rep’s relationships got you to the negotiating table, so of course it will help you to finalize and secure the deal.

5 Ways to Increase Your Sales:

1. Think like a customer.
Ask yourself

How much is this problem worth if we solve it?

How much money will the prospect save or earn from THEIR customers?

2. Understand how your prospect creates market value.

  • Use relationships to understand specific symptoms.
  • Determine how each buying influence experiences the problem in a different way.
  • Ask relevant questions, take notes, and ACT!

3. Create value by customizing your offering to directly resolve specific symptoms.

  • Modify product features if possible.
  • Bundle service options, quality metrics, bonus clauses, and other less tangible features to differentiate.
  • Be creative. Don’t handicap yourself with self-imposed constraints.

4. Communicate the quantifiable value.
It is your responsibility to ensure that the prospect knows the actual value of your offering.

Document it, and inform your buyers that:

Our service contract will save you a hundred thousand dollars per year in unplanned downtime.

Our enhanced efficiency will allow you to charge twenty thousand dollars more for each of your systems sold to your customers.

5. Deliver on your commitments and promises.

What prevents you from selling more?

How would you be able to increase your selling prices and still sell more?

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Scott Trunkett, CSE

Small to medium sized B2B manufacturers use me to wear the many hats required to execute a large variety of strategy, business process, sales process and methodology, contract/legal negotiations, digital and conventional marketing, CRM, and sales automation initiatives.

Smaller to mid-size companies who cannot afford to hire multiple individuals for all of these critical processes hire me because I have the skills and energy to tackle them all.

I have the ability to rapidly learn technically complex products, and to understand your business challenges to help you penetrate new markets, develop and launch new products, and increase sales and profit margins.

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