by STrunkett
Starting with our Managing Director, all of our sales and leadership consultants undergo extensive industry-recognized and certified training.
The combination and real life business experience of a single Sales RaceHorses consultant often exceeds that of an entire team of “Big 4” consultants.
Certified Sales Executive - CSE

Certified Sales Executive (CSE)

Consultant(s) on your project will hold a CSE designation from Sales & Marketing Executives International (SME-I).

The CSE® distinction is conferred only upon individuals who pass a rigorous examination covering professional sales management competencies, as identified by a governing body of senior professionals in sales and marketing education and management.

As part of the certification requirements, CSE candidates must complete a comprehensive exam preparatory program, study case examples illustrating what leading companies are doing to meet the challenges of the new sales and marketing environment, and complete a variety of sales simulation exercises.

Site Structure – Yoast Academy

The fundamental structure of your website is critical to its success. Many companies fail to implement proper site structure, resulting in poor user experience and ineffective optimization for search engine ranking.

Site structure is both  simple and complex at the same time. Fundamental hierarchical structure is relatively simple, but there are many landmines suffered by untrained and inexperienced web “experts.”

Maximize your online ROI by utilizing trained and certified experts at Sales RaceHorses.

Experience Summaries

Scott Trunkett, CSE – Managing Director

  • Five years CRM Strategy and Business Process Design with Accenture
  • Multiple senior executive leadership roles in B2B sales
  • Sales & Marketing leadership roles in Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas, Nuclear and coal-fired Power Generation
  • Led integration of multiple acquisition entities
  • Education in Physics and Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Authored multiple technical papers
  • Holds multiple patents
  • Extensive experience in
  • Trained and highly skilled at LTA negotiations and complex commercial Ts&Cs
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of Aerospace technical specifications
  • Coordinated international Technology Transfer offset programs

Client Experience

  • Philip Morris; Program Manager – Web Strategy and CRM Process Design
  • PepsiCo; CRM Business Process Manager – Web Strategy
  • ExxonMobil; CRM Business Process Manager – Web Strategy & Process Design
  • Lucent Technologies; CRM Project Manager – Customer Web Strategy & Design
  • Solgar Pharmaceuticals; CRM Program Manager – Web Strategy & Process Design

Certified Sales Executive® – CSE® (7 years – awarded by SME-I)
Certified Sales Coach (awarded by Sales Training International)
Member – Sales and Marketing Executives International
Member, Board of Directors – Aerospace Industries Association
(prior) Active Member – Heat Exchange Institute

Success coordinates volunteer efforts company-wide by keeping a close eye on societal needs and inviting all employees to build stronger communities where we live and work. Our employees volunteer over one thousand hours of community service every year, discovering opportunities in their own neighborhoods.

Today, the ultimate measure of our business is found in the improvements to the lives touched by our work.