Strategic Sales Support Fortifies Core Business And Promotes Record Profits For Industrial Manufacturers
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Are You An Industrial Equipment Manufacturer?

  • Are Your Revenues Between $10M - $100M Per Year?

  • Could You Benefit From Increased Sales Hit Rates?

  • Would You Like To Increase Margins by 20% or More?

  • How About Increasing Net Profits By As Much As 25%?

Those Are Among My List of Many Similar Successes

  • Do You Need an Expert to Help You With Strategic Sales Planning, But Don't Have The Payroll Budget For A Full Time Resource To Help You Get It Done?

  • Could You Use A Facilitative Expert in Industrial Equipment Sales To Drive The Execution of Your Sales Growth Initiatives?
I Can Help On A Project Or Retained Basis!

My name is Scott Trunkett, and through 20+ years of industrial equipment engineering, sales, and sales leadership, I have developed several techniques for facilitating strategic sales change to produce increased sales, margins, hit rates, and net profits.

I've helped industrial equipment manufacturers increase gross profit margins on some products by as much as 50%!

Do any of the 4 strategic areas below represent an opportunity for you to strengthen or grow your business?

Would you like access to a high-level facilitative resource with experience in your markets to help you accomplish some of your sales objectives?

Let me help, and I guarantee you will be pleased with the results!

Call (502) 310-1207 or email

Using My Support Is A Simple "No Strings" Process
  1. You Pick The Project*
  2. Together, We Set The Objectives and Success Measurements
  3. I Execute The Project And Do All The Heavy Lifting For You
  4. I Report The Measurable Results To You Along The Way
  5. I Wrap Up The Project And Go On My Way...

...Unless, of course, you have another project you want done...

* Together, we can perform a sales diagnostic analysis that will rank prioritize multiple projects according to their projected return versus the investment required.

Strategic Foundation For Sales Growth

My sales project expertise falls into the 4 fundamental strategic sales categories illustrated below.

Protect The Core:

The Core is the foundation of your existing business. It represents the existing products and services that you are currently providing in your primary markets to your primary customers.

I have developed several processes and techniques that can help you to protect your core business from competitive threats and to solidify the foundation upon which you will grow your business. Click on the links to learn more about each:

Grow The Core:

If you've done an excellent job protecting your core customers in your core markets, then growth of your business can most effectively be achieved by capturing a greater share of business from those customers.

I can help you to grow your business with existing customers in your current markets with the following support programs:

Expand The Core:

Your existing products and services have created successful results for your current customers in your primary markets. Your most successful products are your most powerful levers to penetrate new accounts. Additionally, these products may have relevance to markets that you have not previously served.

I can help you to expand your core business through penetration of new accounts and new markets with the following support programs:

Diversify The Business:

In a profitable business, your organization's future is always at risk to threats from competition, the changing economy, and new technologies. A portion of your time and resources should be focused on the future, with potentially outside-of-the-box initiatives that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Diversifying your business into new markets with new technologies and new products, if done intelligently, can provide a hedge against both anticipated and unforseen threats.

I can help you to define a path of intelligent diversification through the following strategic initiatives:

Together, we can create a customized project approach to target your objectives.

Allow me to help you achieve your growth objectives, and I guarantee you will be pleased with the results!

Call (502) 310-1207 or email

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